Barking mad? Help for Pet Parents in Greater Morristown.


Pets are people, my friends!  Here’s the proof:

Although the Elephant’s Nose has left its storefront on South Street after 20 years to focus on the services portion of its business, the Bubba Rose bakery for animals has set up a large storefront across the street.

Pet care operations in Greater Morristown have never been more plentiful.  Or is it service for the “pet parents”?

Long-time pet owners are familiar with veterinarians who provide boarding during family vacations. Morristown Animal Hospital on Western Avenue, near Jockey Hollow, is one.  Ann’s Bark Ave, offering casual boarding for cats and dogs on Mills Street, is another.

Cat and Dog Grooming Services across from the Hyatt Regency in Morristown

Dog owners long have patronized professional groomers such as Fancy Pet on Cattano Avenue in Morristown.

Morris Animal Inn on Sand Spring Road, which has been in operating in the Township for 50 years, has created an amazingly personalized array of options. 

For example, to facilitate daycare and boarding, it offers pet chauffeuring — for cats as well as dogs.

Relatively new to the Township is Camp Bow Wow, near Mennen Arena.  It provides daycare with live webcam feeds and fosters animals until adoption.

Camp Bow Wow on E. Hanover Ave in Morris Township

Pet daycare has become so popular that the St. Hubert’s Animal Welfare Center in Madison runs a Doggy Day Camp.

Applications for pet services are almost as rigorous as filling out an application for children’s daycare.  There’s an age minimum;  proof of vaccination is required, too.  Pets truly are family.

Wash n’ Wiggle in Morris Plains

Taking on a different, but overlapping set of services, Wash N’ Wiggle offers self-service or full-service grooming, dog walking and dog yard waste cleanup.  It is located between Tiff’s and Hunan on Speedwell Avenue in Morris Plains, not too far from Camp Bow Wow.

And pet services now come to you.  Professionals arrive in a mobile unit, lead your dog into the spa and emerge with him/her groomed.  Bark Ave and Wunderful Tails are examples.

Dedicated services are also available to pick up dog poop and scoop cat litterDoody Calls, Poop Squad, and Poop Scoop Troop arrive in vans and leave your house and yard cleaned up and pets cleaned out.  Sound like diaper delivery services to you?

Agway offers organic pet foods and a section of refrigerated meats for dogs.  Human-grade pet foods with expeller-pressed oils are being marketed to dogs, presumably the ones who don’t snack out of the litter box or try to roll in a dead snake.

Dog lovers accoutrements for sale at the Grand Harvest Wine Festival

Businesses as diverse as the Farm at Green Village garden center, TD Bank and the Morristown Deli welcome pets with treats and water.

Pets-as-children can be a controversial issue in the blogosphere.  Serious parenting blogs, and even the Pope, caution against this emotional substitution. 

Yet in Greater Morristown, there’s ample evidence that pets are important enough to warrant professional care and keeping.  So bring ’em on.

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