Video: Mayor talks traffic after winning third term in Morristown



About two-thirds of Morristown’s traffic is just passing through, seeking to escape other Morris County bottlenecks.

Mayor Tim Dougherty and his wife Mary Dougherty, prior to voting on Tuesday. Photo by Kevin Coughlin
Mayor Tim Dougherty and First Lady Mary Dougherty, prior to voting on Tuesday. Photo by Kevin Coughlin

That’s according to Mayor Tim Dougherty, who won a third term with 73 percent of Tuesday’s vote against Republican Councilwoman Alison Deeb

Watch this video to see how Dougherty plans to tame all that traffic–and whether he’s already planning for the 2021 race.

And hear what Council members Toshiba Foster and Michael Elms and Councilman-elect David Silva–Morristown’s first Latino elected official–had to say about their victories against GOP candidates James Sullivan Jr., William Needham III and Celeste Kaitsa.

Deeb did not see the defeat in lopsided terms.

“I see it as I got roughly one-third of the mayoral vote! I am pleased!” the Fourth Ward councilwoman said on Wednesday in a thank you message to her supporters.

deeb campaign poster 2017She considered herself an underdog facing an uphill battle, she said.

“We tried our best, put up a real challenge, and gave people a choice. Well, 1,059 people made that choice and I am proud and humbled of what we achieved. Thank you to those of you who voted for me!”

Deeb, a write-in candidate who skipped the June primary, described the election as a start that she hopes to build upon:

“We have a great town, and there is a lot to be proud of, but we can do better!”


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  1. This administration ruined my hometown for the benefit of their own gain it’s a urban disaster, this is what happens when your mayor is not a true born Morristonial, Tim Probably doesn’t mean anything to you but you destroyed a beautiful town for political gain in the future yrs.


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