Inside the Triangle: Fox Rothschild invites people into new digs in Morristown

Fox Rothschild


Local officials got a look inside Morristown’s flatiron building on Thursday.

FR in downtown morristown
Fox Rothschild Building between Bank and Market in Morristown the evening of the opening. Photo by Beth Kujan

Like the iconic 1902 skyscraper in Manhattan, the new Fox Rothschild office building is triangular and eye-catching. It sits at the “V” intersection of Market and Bank streets.

The soiree included Mayor Tim Dougherty and First Lady Mary Dougherty; senior partners of Fox Rothschild; and Morris Arts‘ Director of Development Gina Moran and Director of Arts Participation and Communication Dr. Lynn Siebert.

Fox Rothschild doesn’t actually own the building. That would be the Hampshire real estate trust.

Its team will choose a piece of art for the exterior property, as required by the town.

Mayor Tim Dougherty flanked by Lynn Seibert of Morris Arts and Bob Klausner, partner at Fox Rothschild, Morristown

Meanwhile, the landscaping is low maintenance and touted as beneficial to the environment.

During the tour, participants remarked about the spaciousness of the interior, which one would not guess from outside. All offices have large windows with views of Morristown.

Passageway looking down to Bank Street from the Fox Rothschild main entrance.

The building includes a wide, airy passageway between Bank and Market Streets, replacing a narrow, dingy alley.

Fox Rothschild has positioned itself as one of the few full-service national law firms with offices round the state.   The new building houses more than 50 attorneys from Fox’s previous Morristown and Roseland offices.

Photos from the event

View of Maple Avenue from Fox Rothschild
View from a Fox Rothschild Corner Office
Cement Shoes shows Dark Humor of Staff during their End of Year Payment Collection Process.
Address and Symbol of Fox Rothschild
Sign on 49 Market Street Building
One of Several Buffets at the Opening for the Fox Rothschild Building
Signature Cocktail – the Silver Fox



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  1. Awesome, looks nice. The town could use a few more companies like this coming in with nice new buildings. Only way to achieve the Live, Work, Play goal!