CSE Promise Students Praise the New Program


“I fear life after college. I wonder what would happen if I don’t get a job in my field,” says Jessica Velasquez, ’20. “What will I do?”

Worrying about employment after graduation is a fear that resonates with most college students. However, if you are concerned with post college plans, then the College of Saint Elizabeth has a solution.

Started in Fall 2016, CSE Promise is a rigorous program that guarantees eligible students the opportunity to apply for a paid

six-month internship should they fail to receive either a full-time job offer or graduate school admission within six months after their graduation. This program, which requires students to meet specific academic and experiential requirements, alleviates concerns about the future by promising a special period of time of steady income and career experience.

“[This program] helps students advance their careers and be successful, incorporating the best incentive, best encouragement, and support to the specific concentration of each student,” says Teri Corso, director of the Experiential Learning Center. “It fulfills the mission of the College and is supported by the entire institution.”
Corso explains that the program has two main functions: to promote student engagement and encourage students to be more connected. Corso notes, through prior observations, students who are more involved both on campus and in their career field of choice have a higher success rate after graduating. They have become more connected and gained a broad range of experience, vastly expanding their career options. These two distinctive aspects bolster a student’s success throughout college and after they graduate.

The assistance offered after graduation immediately caught Velasquez’s attention. She applied, was accepted and describes her first year as a success. Not only has she been able to forge connections both on and off campus, but the workshops offered in the program have helped her grow intellectually.

“This program offers students a great experience in regards to networking and has allowed me to stretch my wings,” says Velasquez. “I have found two jobs for the summer. Also, I am still able to remain an active volunteer at two different sites.”
The program also captured the attention of student Caitlyn Conselyea ’20, who says, “I was intrigued by the idea of having a back-up plan after graduation.”

After completing her first year in the program, Conselyea has received the benefits of various opportunities CSE has to offer. She has become involved with the Students Take Action Committee (STAC), the Psychology club and attended two “Backpack to Briefcase” events where she learned about interview practices and attended a career fair. The career fair enabled Conselyea to receive a summer internship at Bergen’s Promise. Once she completed her internship, she was offered to come back for employment after graduation.

“This program helped me push myself and come out of my comfort zone,” says Conselyea. “It facilitated my growth as a college student and goes above and beyond by offering help after graduation.”

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