Letter to the Editor: Kudos to Morristown for backing Paris agreement

Photo: Bill Burris/flickr
Photo: Bill Burris/flickr

To the Editor:

I commend Mayor Dougherty and the Morristown council for passing a resolution to support the Paris Agreement.

Currently, local action will likely be the most effective means of curbing emissions and preventing the most devastating effects of climate change.

I hope Mayor Dougherty and the council remain committed to adopting more clean energy policies and furthering renewable solutions.

Erin Dunn
Member, Citizens Climate Lobby
Morristown Chapter

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  1. Erin,
    Thank you and your group for your support of local policies that address this most important issue of our lifetime, climate change. Citizens’ Climate Lobby’s non-partisan approach to this problem is an excellent opportunity for keeping our citizens informed and working toward solutions. Perhaps, you can post here how people can involved in this organization.