Brooklyn’s Screamers Pizzeria Brings Vegan Pizza to Morristown

Screamers Pizzeria vegan slices
Screamers Pizzeria vegan slices

Screamers Pizzeria, brings their wildly popular vegan slices from Brooklyn to Morristown this Sunday, where they will be feeding their fans at the New Jersey VegFest’s vegan pop up shop at the Laundromat Bar on Sunday, June 25, noon to six. If you have been to any other vegan food fest lately, you know that Screamers Pizza makes people happily wait in lines of up to 100 people for their authentic vegan NYC style pizza because it is that amazing.


The vegan pop-up shop is like more hometown version of the vegan food festival being held at the Meadowlands Expo Center in October; this weekend’s vegan pop-up also features food and products from:

This month, people who turned 21 in May or June, can celebrate their birthday on the New Jersey VegFest with a happy birthday cupcake from Mo’Pweeze and a happy birthday song from musical duo Buntopia.


You can purchase your tickets for the giant October New Jersey VegFest at the Meadowlands Expo Center at this Sunday’s vegan pop-up and will save $5 off the regular price.

It is $5 to get in, and funds raised this money will go to help out Tamerlaine Farm Animal Sanctuary. Once inside, you can pick up your vegan slice from Screamers Pizza, a vegan corn dog from Yeah Dawg or one of a million other delicious choices and then head to the bar for a craft beer or fancy cocktail. You can purchase tickets in advance at eventbrite or pay $5 at the door.

The Laundromat Bar is located at 4 DeHart Street in Morristown.

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  1. With all the pizza places in Morristown, I don’t understand why at least one of them does not offer a couple vegan options. There’s a market for it out there that they are totally ignoring. Being a cook, I know that doing this is not rocket science. Hope we’ll see it soon.
    PS: I’m not a vegan.