Morristown joins mayors across U.S. supporting Paris climate accord

Banner whips in the wind as Hurricane Sandy blows through Morristown. Photo by Kevin Coughlin
Banner whips in the wind as Hurricane Sandy blows through Morristown in 2012. Scientists warn that climate change may bring more intense storms. Photo by Kevin Coughlin


Add Morristown to the list of cities and towns across America urging President Trump to re-think his Paris pullout.

Mayor Tim Dougherty announced on Tuesday that he’s joining the Mayors National Climate Action Agenda, a network of nearly 300 U.S. mayors representing more than 60 million citizens.

Citing concerns about jobs, the President announced in May that the U.S.–the world’s largest emitter of greenhouse gases–was quitting the 195-nation Paris Agreement signed in 2015. The accord set targets for countries to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

In an open letter to Trump back in March, mayors of New York, Boston, Chicago, Atlanta, Los Angeles and numerous other cities raised concerns about rising sea levels, heat waves and air quality, wildfires and droughts from climate change that may be hastened by these emissions.

The mayors group has pledged to press for climate-friendly policies and support principles of the agreement at the grassroots level.

For Morristown, that means “undertaking climate action by cleaning energy sources, making Morristown’s infrastructure efficient and growing the economy through investing in the sectors that enable a climate-compatible future,” according to a statement from the town’s public relations firm.

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