Refine Your Leash Manners: Dog Walk with a Trainer on Sunday June 11


Bike & Walk Morristown has a happy crew of dogs and their people that host Sunday morning dog walks around downtown Morristown. This Sunday, June 11, they are teaming up with a guest dog trainer, Tracy Drummond from Grey Dog Training.

As Morristown’s sidewalks getting busier with people and their pets, it’s more important to be try to be as courteous as possible to our neighbors walking by. This Sunday’s Dog Walk with a Trainer will cover topics like:

  • Help you learn “Petiquette” & help with behavioral issues
  • Meeting other Dogs on Leash
  • Refining Leash Manners
  • Walking Politely in Town

Join your dog on this walk to learn how you can become part of Morristown’s polite and pedestrian friendly puppy crew. This walk meets at 9am outside Inspiration Rolls on the Morristown Green, 46 W Park Place.



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