From ink on paper to 3D acrylic paint, Atrium Gallery show brings diverse art to Morristown


For artist Luz Gallo, revelations always are close at hand.

“My inspiration is ‘the feeling in the moment,’”  Gallo said, standing beside one of her magnificent, brightly colored creations at Morristown’s Atrium Gallery.

She is among 79 artists whose works fill four floors of the Morris County Administration and Records Building for the Spring/Summer 2017 Exhibit presented by Morris Arts.

In all, 350 works are showcased. Gallo’s five contributions–mixed-technique acrylics on canvas–touch upon tradition, heritage and new beginnings.

Luz Gallo standing beside her acrylic paintings “Chaotyc Wisdom” and “Field of Tulips.” Photo by Emma Piascik.

Her piece Serie Universe Mandala 6 Polytpch expresses how overwhelmed she was when she came to America four years ago.

It can be viewed with the naked eye or with 3-dimensional glasses.

“The 3d glasses give my pieces more depth,” Gallo explained at Thursday’s opening reception.

Gallo is part of the Myhelan Artists Network. This exhibit, which runs through Sept. 1, 2017, also includes works from the HUB Camera Club, ARTsee, the Blackwell Street Center for the Arts, and the Drew Art Association.

Liz Young, a member of ARTsee, has three ink-on-paper pieces, Rougarou!, Zaratan, and Nessie, in the show.

“This is my creative outlet,” said Young, who has rekindled her love for art after a five-year break. “I love monsters, creatures, and folktales,” Young said, describing her pieces. “I hope to make an A-Z children’s book someday.”

This is one of four annual exhibitions organized by Morris Arts, said Dr. Lynn Siebert, Atrium Gallery director for Morris Arts.

“Each exhibition has a different character,” she said.

Admission is free. The Atrium Gallery at 10 Court St. is open to the public from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm on weekdays.

Emma Piascik is a senior at Morristown High School. She will attend Lafayette College in the fall.

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