Look who filed for the primary in Greater Morristown

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The deadline for filing petitions to run in the June 2017 primary was 4 p.m. today, April 3.  Here is who is competing in Greater Morristown.

In Morristown, Mayor Tim Dougherty seeks a third term. Challenger Michelle Duprée Harris has served 19 years on the town council. Each has a slate of council candidates.  No Republicans filed for the primary; they usually mount write-in campaigns to get on the general election ballot in November.

In Morris Township, two committee seats are being contested. Republican Louise Johnson seeks a second three-year term, and Nicole Saphier M.D., a commentator on Fox & Friends, seeks to replace Dan Caffrey, who is stepping down after three terms.

They’ll be challenged by Democrats Cathy Wilson–the head of the local Democratic organization, who is making her fourth bid–and former congressional candidate John Arvanites.

The council race is uncontested in Morris Plains.

June 6 is primary day.  Here is more about who filed.


The mayoralty and three at-large council seats are being contested. Terms are four years. An “I” denotes an incumbent.



Tim Dougherty (I)

Michelle Duprée Harris (councilwoman)



Michael Elms (I)

Toshiba Foster (I)

David Silva

Esperanza Porras-Field

Jenna Gervasio

Maria Scumaci


Morris Township

Two three-year terms on the Township committee are being contested.


Louise Johnson  (I)

Nicole Saphier M.D.


Cathy Wilson

John Arvanites

Morris Plains

Two three-year council seats are on the ballot:


Sal Cortese (I), seeks a second term.

Art Bruhn Jr. seeks to replace Jack Doherty, who is stepping down after one term.


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