‘Legally Blonde’ at Morristown High making turquoise the new pink, for Hedda

Legally Blonde poster

Video: Behind the scenes of ‘Legally Blonde’

From Morristown High School Theatre:

Turquoise Is The New Pink

This year, Morristown High School Theatre is dedicating one night to a very special Morristown individual — Hedda Sivertsson.

Hedda the ski racer. Photo: Team Hedda
Hedda Sivertsson, ski racer. Photo: Team Hedda

Hedda is an 8th grader at Frelinghuysen Middle School who is currently battling Medulloblastoma brain cancer.

In an effort to show support for Hedda and her family, the entire town has been laced with turquoise ribbons.

MHS Theatre decided that they would join the town’s support by dedicating the Thursday show to Hedda.

On Legally Blonde’s opening night, 10 percent of all ticket proceeds will be donated to the National Pediatric Cancer Foundation (with funding directed towards brain cancer) and the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

Legally Blonde posterEveryone who attends opening night can watch the show knowing that they have individually contributed to aiding cancer research and helping Hedda.

In addition to the 10 percent donation, Turquoise is going to find its way into the Thursday performance of Legally Blonde.

Despite its notorious pink theme, MHS Theatre has decided to make turquoise the new pink!, You won’t want to miss this incredible and inspirational opening night, so don’t forget to buy your tickets for Thursday, March 23, 2017, at 7 pm.


Video preview of ‘Legally Blonde’ at Morristown High:

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