‘No hate, no fear’: Pro-immigration rally set for Morristown, March 18

Demonstrator for immigration rights at Women's March in NYC, Jan. 21, 2017. Photo by Jim Stevenson
Demonstrator for immigration rights at Women's March in NYC, Jan. 21, 2017. Photo by Jim Stevenson

From Wind of the Spirit:


To Make Morristown, NJ A Fair and Welcoming Community
March 18th, 2017- 2pm- Morristown, NJ

“We may all have come on different ships, but we are on the same boat now” -MLK

Demonstrator for immigration rights at Women's March in NYC, Jan. 21, 2017. Photo by Jim Stevenson
Demonstrator for immigration rights at Women’s March in NYC, Jan. 21, 2017. Photo by Jim Stevenson

On March 18th, 2017 at 2 pm, Wind of the Spirit Immigrant Resource Center (WotS) is hosting the No Hate, No Fear: Immigrants and Refugees Are Welcome Here! rally and march to make Morristown, NJ a Fair and Welcoming Community.

The rally will begin at St. Margaret’s Church: 6 Sussex Ave., Morristown, with music by Shannon Songbird Gibbons of Morristown and the New Orleans Jazz Ensemble, Bon Temps. Local clergy will offer prayers.

The march will start with a call to democracy; Wind of the Spirit activists will sound the conch.  Members of vulnerable communities will lead the march down Speedwell Avenue towards the Green, around the Green and on to Morristown Town Hall (200 South St.).

The March will conclude with testimonies from survivors of hate crimes and hate speech at the St. Margaret’s Church.

“This march is the result of a movement that has been building momentum for years. Surrounding cities are taking a stand in support of Sanctuary Cities and this march will be the loud call necessary to show that Morristown stands in support of immigrants and refugees. Morristown officials will see that the community is in support of making our town a Fair & Welcoming Community,” said Claudia Pinzon, of Wind of the Spirit.

Co-sponsors of this rally and march include:

Black Lives Matter Morristown
NJ 11th For Change
The Green Party of Morris, Sussex, and Warren Counties
Action Together NJ
Islamic Center of Morris County
National Lawyers Guild – NJ Chapter
Green Party of NJ
Food and Water Watch NJ
15 Now NJ
Democratic Socialists of America
Working Families NJ
Make the Road NJ
NJ Peace Action

The goals of this rally and march are to:

1. Raise awareness of the need for Fair & Welcoming Communities policies in NJ generally, Morris County specifically, and Morristown directly; 

2. Organize and mobilize NJ residents to pass this policy packet in their respective towns and counties, and

3. Open a safe space for community and healing in response to hate speech, hate crimes, and anti-immigrant/racist/ homophobic/anti-Islamic/Anti- Semitic sentiments.

What is a Fair and Welcoming Community?

·         A community with strong anti-discrimination policies and privacy protections for ALL vulnerable communities, including People of Color, those that identify as LGBTQIA,  people with disabilities both visible and invisible, and immigrants, to name just a few.

·         A community where services are available to all, regardless of immigration status, gender, race, religion, or other characteristics.

·         A community where local law enforcement serves and protects the community and does not use local funds to enforce federal immigration law.

This rally will beat to the tune of human rights and sing the song of a diversity that made the United States the beautiful & culturally brilliant country it is today.

“As a refugee from Vietnam, I came to the US when I was 7.  The trauma of leaving my country, my home, even though it was a worn-torn country, was long-lasting. Even though my uncles were imprisoned in Vietnam for their efforts to help the Americans during the war and our family was targeted, I still wanted to go back to Vietnam.  Nothing about leaving your country and going to a new country is ever easy.  I am marching for all the children who had to leave their homes to make a new one in a strange land.”  —Uyen Khuong, of Action Together NJ.

“The present threat is great enough, and the times tumultuous enough, that we can no longer sit back. No matter your skin tone or age; your language or who you voted for; sexual preference or gender; your belief in Santa Claus or your daily diet. It is time to unite as a COMMUNITY in defense of the most vulnerable among us. There is no more urgent time than now.” — Megan Wolf, of Black Lives Matter, Morristown.

Please follow Wind of the Spirit or e-mail Brian to get involved, to cover the event, or with general questions. All marchers, musicians, and artists welcome.

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  1. If a hundred people camped out on your front lawn, you might not hate them, but you’d want them to go home. Merely wanting to enforce the immigration laws is not necessarily hateful, and people who just want to enforce the law shouldn’t be intimidated by the usually unjust charge that they’re haters.

  2. “Illegals.” The latest in hate speech to justify demonizing an entire group of people unlike oneself as lesser and someone undeserving of the most basic of human rights. Shameful.

  3. Couldn’t agree more. Am so tired of hearing about “we are all human” and “we are all immigrants”, as the support group for illegals, Wind of the Spirit likes to spout. (The feds should look into this organization) . Well, yes we are, BUT, these senseless comments are in no way relative to those who are here legally and obey the laws of our country. Those who in fact are sneaking into our country may be human, but are not immigrants! We are being made fools by those who have no intention of assimilating,(ut oh…may I say that) to our culture, and the knuckleheads who think this is great only enforce the dissonance. Yes, as Ms. Brady says, love one another, but turning a blind eye to all who wish to come here, we’re all suppose to love one another is just plain foolish!

  4. Charles Sprickman and most of the others here are being deliberately dense in referring to illegals as “immigrants.” They are pretending that they are one in the same. Of course they’re not.
    I am so glad that Trump is in office. Let’s hope he keeps his word!

  5. The words on our Statue of Liberty and the teachings in the bible that tell us to love one another, helped me to form my opinion.
    As Jesus hung dying on his cross, he prayed,” Forgive them father, for they know not what they do.”

  6. Rosary, I will continue to report illegals to ICE, every time. Reform isn’t needed, enforcement is. People like you are part of the problem. Keep sticking up for lawbreakers.
    As I said, I hope Trump comes down hard on the illegals and their anti-American enablers, like you.

  7. Jeff,
    Only one way to answer you:
    “I was a stranger and you welcomed me..”
    This stark, clear and urgent language of Scripture impels us to welcome those among us those who come as immigrants or refugees and to promote constructive dialogue for legal reforms that reflect our nation’s best traditions of hospitality. 

    I hope you will join in opposing all forms of discrimination and hatred and in helping to create a world where all are treated with dignity and respect.

  8. Message for Rosary, who has a ridiculous last name:
    “You are a vile apologist for lawbreakers. No human being is illegal – except for illegals who slither across our boarders illegally. I hope the new administration drops the hammer on them. Hard.”

  9. Looking forward to this!

    What’s wrong with loving immigrants? They’re certainly not the first. Let’s not pretend every white person is an immigrant and not every one of them got here through official channels. Ripping families apart and laughing and gloating about it is sick. These people all gung-ho for this really need to take a good look in the mirror and ask where that deep well of un-American, un-Godly hate comes from.

  10. A message for Jeff, who is not brave enough to use his last name:
    “No Human Being is Illegal”

  11. The constant misuse of the word “immigration” by folks who love the illegals. Maybe they think that if they keep referring to illegals we’ll eventually just give in.

    Detect, detain, prosecute, punish, deport!