Watch it here: Morristown council votes down bar expansion

Audience for council's Gran Cantina vote. Photo by Kevin Coughlin
Audience for council's Gran Cantina vote. Photo by Kevin Coughlin

Video: Iron Bar lawyer sums up his case

Video: Council debates Iron Bar / Gran Cantina

Video: Council rejects Iron Bar expansion

In a dramatic finish to five hours of testimony spanning two nights, the Morristown Council on Tuesday voted 6-1 to kill an expansion of the Iron Bar’s liquor license.

These videos depict:

  1. Iron Bar lawyer Robert C. Williams’ summary of the application
  2. The council debate preceding its vote; several forceful statements
  3. The council vote, including Williams’ challenges of council remarks

Owner Jimmy Cavanaugh, who already expanded the license once (for an adjoining beer hall called Revolution), sought to share it again to create a Mexican restaurant called Gran Cantina.

In 2012, Cavanaugh got approvals for a different configuration of the Gran Cantina, but he balked at an alcohol curfew imposed by the council and instead focused his efforts on what would become Revolution.

His attorney, Robert C. Williams, has vowed to appeal Tuesday’s council decision to state officials.  A challenge of conditions imposed on Revolution also is pending. –Kevin Coughlin

Audience for council's Gran Cantina vote. Photo by Kevin Coughlin
Audience for council’s Gran Cantina vote. Photo by Kevin Coughlin
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  1. No other member of the board chose to be condescending or rude, they simply stated their opinions. Personal attacks and comments about his “gum chewing” are ridiculous.

    I’ve never met Mr. Cavanaugh, nor do I have a strong opinion on his desire to expand, other than I think he is being made the scapegoat for all that goes in on town. I tuned in to get educated and was turned off by the very negative tone.

  2. …. I may not always agree with Alison Deeb’s opinions, but she has never been afraid to publicly express her opinions and to ask questions…..She is a great ward representative who works hard to keep in contact with her constituents and to keep them informed….I so agree with you, Susan Brown, she did a great job….and thanks, Susan, for not hiding behind a faux id like Ridge 320 did….

  3. I agree with Allison Deeb 100% and think she did a great job stating her case. Grateful that her point of view prevailed.