Morristown Women in Business learn how to grow their teams


By Kendra Arnold

The Morristown Women in Business Networks March breakfast and networking event featured Maryellen Briscoe, Job Search Coach & Recruiting Consultant, on how to Grow Your Team.

Maryellen Briscoe speaking to the Morristown Women in Business Network on how to Grow Your Team

Maryellen worked in San Francisco as a corporate recruiter and recently returned to Morristown.

She is really enjoying the switch to job search coach because it gives her the opportunity to give clients feedback that will make their search more successful and leave them matched up with a job that they love.

Maryellen is available for recruiting, job search coaching and also is planning group events for recent graduates and other job seekers.

You can contact Maryellen at 415-203-0740 or email her here. She also hosts a blog at

Here are a few of the tips and insights Maryellen Briscoe shared:

Tips for Growing Your Team

  • An interview is a business discussion where both the person hiring and the person being interviewed can find out if this match is right for everyone.
  • If you are hiring, be specific about the skill sets you are looking for.
  • Be honest! For example, if someone asks why a job is open and it’s because the manager is a micro-manager, just say that. It’s important for everyone to know what they are getting into and maybe you’ll find someone who loves being micro-managed.
  • Don’t hire someone just like yourself! Finding someone who balances the team to get the job done is what matters.
  • Ask three or more questions about the same thing; it will give you more details and insight into how the person handles problems. For example, you can ask “Have you ever dealt with a crazy customer?” and then in follow up questions ask how they dealt with it and how situation was resolved.

Tips for Interviewing

  • Don’t go it alone; network! Let people know you are looking for a new job or new opportunities. Many jobs are found through referrals. Try Linkedin to find a company connection and ask if that person would be interested in passing your resume along.
  • When giving out business cards, give the person two! Then they have one to keep and one to happily give away when recommending you to someone else.
  • Research the business before the interview.
  • Brag! Here’s your chance to tell everyone about your successes and strengths! Do it!
  • Keep your resume clean and basic.
  • Only include a cover letter if it includes information not included in the resume. For example, if you are interviewing in San Francisco but actually live in Chicago, the cover letter is a good place to mention you are relocating.
  • Write a thank you note! Very few people write one and few even send an email thank you. Following up with a nice note that might also include some other details is always appreciated.
  • Dress appropriately; being overdressed for an interview is much better for leaving a good impression. Dress like you are going to be interviewing with the CEO.
  • Tell your story, and listen and hear what the job is; make sure you are a good fit for the job, and the job is a good fit for you.


Many thanks to Glassworks Studio for hosting, and to Jewelry by Eric for sponsoring our March event! On April 18, 2016, the Morristown Women in Business Network will be holding a luncheon at the Hyatt Morristown, featuring a panel discussion on Social Media for Your Business. Tickets are $35 in advance and $40 at the door.

Morristown Women in Business board members Mary Dougherty, Kendra Arnold, Irene Leavy, Stacey Schlosser, Maria Rivera-Jones & Michele Reinhart with Maryellen Briscoe
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Maryellen Briscoe, Job Search Coach & Recruiting Consultant
Paul Miller and Tina Bologna from Just Jersey with Mary Dougherty
Ash Patino from Generic Brand Human with board member Maria Rivera-Jones
Morristown High School’s Debbie Gottsleben with Glasswork Studio’s Stacey Schlosser
Glasswork Studio’s Stacey Schlosser with Noelle Steinmeyer from DIY Uncorked in Hoboken
glass nuggets at Glassworks Studio
Gifts from Jewelry by Eric and Glassworks Studio


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  1. I love Maryellen! Her services are professional and her background and expertise in recruiting make her guidance invaluable.


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