Feelin’ Alright: Dave Mason on the mend after shortened show in Morristown

THE SHOW WILL GO ON: Dave Mason of Traffic fame on the mend at Morristown Medical Center after a tough night onstage. Photo courtesy of Rick Kelly
THE SHOW WILL GO ON: Dave Mason of Traffic fame on the mend at Morristown Medical Center after a tough night onstage. Photo courtesy of Rick Kelly


Here’s good news for music fans: Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Dave Mason is on the mend after collapsing during his Friday show at the Mayo Performing Arts Center.

“After undergoing several tests the only thing found to be wrong was severe dehydration,” Rick Kelly, tour manager for Dave Mason Traffic Jam, told MorristownGreen.com early on Saturday.

Mason, 69, was taken to Morristown Medical Center after some scary moments onstage. One fan named Robert, who drove 67 miles to catch the show, told us Mason got through two songs.

“On the third song Dave signals for help. At first, I really [thought] that it was part of a skit. Then actions progressed and the drummer stopped and removed himself from the kit and swung around to Dave’s aid.

“People then from both sides of the stage rushed in.  An audience scream, defibrillator. Approximately two minutes later a man on the left side raced down the isle towards the stage with a defibrillator. Shortly after curtains were drawn.”

Kelly said Mason, co-founder of Traffic and author of such hits as Feelin’ Alright and We Just Disagree, is eager to return here and finish what he started.

“We’ve postponed several shows this year because of illness and it looks like there will be a couple more but we are looking forward to a return to Morristown as soon as possible,” the tour manager said.

We wish Dave Mason a speedy recovery. And if he wants to recuperate in style, we’re sure we can find him a comfortable ride in the Morris County St. Patrick’s Parade, which rolls from Morristown town hall at noon today, March 12, 2016!



  1. My husband and I are big fans. Whenever you are in n.j. we always catch your shows. We were there when this happened and are so glad that you are better.If you rescdule,we will be there!

  2. So glad to hear you’re better, you scared the heck out of us. Take loving care of yourself. We look forward to your return.

  3. Dave..that happened to me…ended up in the hospital..dehydration…carry a gallon of water with you at all times and either drink when you think or set your timer n phone to remind you. We were the lucky ones we survived I know others who had a heart attack and died..

    Caught your show in Garberville,CA..wonderful and memorable time. Bought your DVD and watch
    It a lot.
    Feel better and drink…drink….water and fluids…it’s not your time to go.

  4. Dave: You scared the heck out of us!!
    Glad you are ok. C’mon back to Morristown and let’s do this right! We will be waiting…

  5. We were there last night, thankfully you’re in good hands. Thinking and praying for you.