Morristown library: ‘The Beatles are overrated!’ Feb. 10

The Beatles
The Beatles
The Beatles


“The Beatles are overrated!?”

Them’s fighting words!  No doubt, the blokes who run the Morristown & Township Library are still scheming to get even with John Lennon for declaring: “The Beatles are bigger than the Dewey decimal system.”

Their chance comes on Feb. 10, 2016, with the debut of Liner Notes, a discussion group for music fanatics.

Liner Notes logo library“With each meeting, the group will offer up some new music that has just come out, the latest trends in the music world, a look at recent releases you may not have noticed, and the discussion of a certain topic to ignite conversation, controversy and cat calls!” the library states.

“Think of it as a book club for popular music!”

As for the Fab Four, the staff concedes:

“Sure John, Paul, George and Ringo sold over two billion records, had 20 number one singles, had material spend 1,278 weeks on the Billboard charts, launched the hippie movement, developed the ‘concept, artistic Rock’ album, started stadium shows, launched rock band motion pictures and even pioneered the roof-top concert.  But that was then and this is now, right?

“How relevant are the Fab Four to those born 30 years after their last release?  Is it possible that Millennials who listen to Coldplay, Sufjan Stevens, One Direction or Lady Gaga don’t realize that the Beatles developed those same sounds decades earlier?

“What about those people of the same generation as Ringo and Paul, who preferred Perry Como, Frank Sinatra and Nat King Cole and never thought the lads from Liverpool ever did anything special?  What if you grew up loving the Rolling Stones instead?  Come and join in the discussion and voice your opinions.”

The smack-down starts at 7 pm, at One Miller Road, Morristown. Admission is free. All you need is love.


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  1. A) The Beatles have not sold two billion records. B) The Beatles were not the first to do a rooftop concert (Jefferson Airplane 1968). C) The Beatles did not start the hippie movement. The Beatle are very much overrated and their music dated.