Create a park: Workshop will kick around uses for Morristown’s ‘Pioneer Park,’ Dec. 14

HQ Plaza Flyer

So far, Morristown Green readers seem to favor a skating rink with a beer garden.

To which we say: Give the Zamboni driver plenty of room!

We’re talking about uses for Pioneer Park, that forlorn slab of concrete next to Headquarters Plaza.

You can give your two cents on how to transform this windswept plaza at a workshop tonight, Monday, Dec. 14, 2015, from 6 to 8 o’clock, at 10 N. Park Place.

Town planners are teaming with a top-shelf landscape architecture, the Ken Smith Workshop, to solicit ideas.

Re-inventing Pioneer Park is part of a 2014 deal in which the town sold its land rights beneath HQ Plaza to the developers for $1.6 million.

HQ Plaza Flyer

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  1. A better alternative to a proliferation of alcohol establishments would be a a outdoor band-shell for local and professional entertainment. An alternative to the MAYO Performing Arts Center is needed. The 8,000 SF enclosed space adjoining the plaza would serve well for dinner theater/cabaret as does the Cafe Carlyle Cabaret in New York City. An adjoining outdoor band-shell promenade would be an excellent complement as exemplified at Damrosch Park at Lincoln Center and the promenade of the Metropolitan Opera House.