What should go in Morristown’s Pioneer Park? Speak up on Dec. 14

HQ Plaza Flyer
Movies are returning to Headquarters Plaza in Morristown.
Pioneer Park, right, at Headquarters Plaza in Morristown.

By Kevin Coughlin

A skating rink?  Carousel?  Beer garden?

What would you like to see in Pioneer Park, that forlorn, windswept promenade outside of Morristown’s Headquarters Plaza?

Landscape architect Ken Smith
Landscape architect Ken Smith

Speak up on Monday, Dec. 14, 2015.  Ideas will be solicited between 6 pm and 8 pm, at 10 N. Park Place, by the high-profile architectural firm Ken Smith Workshop and the Morristown planning division.

The Olnick Organization and Fisher Development, joint owners of HQ Plaza, have agreed to spend between $500,000 and $1.15 million to transform the concrete park into something more user-friendly.

That was part of a 2014 deal in which the town sold its land rights beneath HQ Plaza to the developers for $1.6 million.

Ken Smith was involved in designing the Roof Garden of New York’s Museum of Modern Art, and was a member of the THINK Team that proposed a pair of lattice towers to memorialize the World Trade Center.

He also is the landscape architect for the 117-floor World One residential skyscraper under construction in Mumbai, India.

According to Mayor Tim Dougherty, conceptual drawings for Pioneer Park will be presented at Monday’s gathering, along with discussions of similar projects.  Public feedback will be used to create the final plans, he said.

HQ Plaza Flyer


Audience members watch the fourth annual film festival, hosted this year at Headquarters Plaza. Sharon Sheridan photo
Audience members at the fourth annual MorristownGreen.com Film Festival, at Pioneer Park in September 2011. Sharon Sheridan photo
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  1. How about a space that can be used for multiple purposes? Food, music, films, flea markets, art, education, etc.

  2. Indoor food market with some small shops, similar to Chelsea Market or Maxwell Road Hawkers Food Center in Singapore. Open year round. Great for locals and tourists!

  3. I well remember the quaint corner of Speedwell Aveue and Park Place. It was full of character, filled with family businesses and character. Then, if I remember correctly, there was a town ordinance that stated that any new building must remain in character with the area. The area was torn down and the monstrous “1776” building, now Headguarters Plaza, was built. Disgusting!

  4. Bob.. I am. and when the town allowed Headquarters to be built, they sucked the soul out of Speedwell Avenue.
    I remember the pit.

  5. Somethings to attract families, like the Santa house on the green. Woman Rink comes to mind, amusement park in the summer (kids rides), and ice skating rink in the winter.