Cyclist injured in Morristown crash; police investigating


By Kevin Coughlin

A bicyclist was taken to the hospital on Sunday afternoon after being struck by a car in Morristown, police said.

Aftermath of car-bike collision in Morristown.
Aftermath of car-bike collision in Morristown.

Cycling northbound on Western Avenue just before 1 pm, Domingo Rodriguez, 43, of Morristown, had entered the Ann Street intersection when he was hit by a 2012 Hyundai Elantra driven by Morristown resident Michelle Close, 63, who was heading towards Western Avenue from Ann Street, said Police Lt. Stuart Greer.

Both parties denied seeing the other prior to the collision. Rodriguez told police he had been pedaling on the sidewalk prior to entering the crosswalk, Greer said.

Rodriguez complained of “minor leg pain” and was transported to Morristown Medical Center by the Morristown Fire Bureau, Greer said.

Police are continuing to investigate who is at fault. Anyone who witnessed the collision or has other pertinent information is asked to contact Lt. Matthew Rawding at 973-292-6692,



  1. The intersection where this occurred is one of the more dangerous ones for pedestrians in Morristown. A lot of drivers roll through the stop sign looking left for vehicles, but fail to look right for pedestrians in the crosswalk.

  2. Agreed Cathy. I have witnessed the same and even cyclists weaving in and out of traffic alternating from bike lane to sidewalk to double yellow lines. I’ve also seen some go through red lights. While I’m hoping for a full recovery of this cyclist and not predicting he broke a law, I just hope others reading this article and commentary take notice. I am all for cyclists using the bike lanes, just please follow the laws. It keeps cyclists, automobile drivers, and pedestrians safe.

  3. I did not see this accident so my comments have nothing whatsoever to do with this incident. I would like to say, however, that while driving in downtown Morristown, I often see bicyclists creating their own center lane, between stopped cars at traffic lights. This is extremely dangerous. The lanes are narrow enough and recently, bike traffic lines have been painted such that cyclists can pedal in the same lanes as cars while in downtown area. Please then, do not try to navigate between cars. This is not a lane.