Podcast: Tom Paxton broke in with Bob Dylan, everyone covers his songs…just don’t call him a legend, ok?



Podcast: Tom Paxton talks with Morristown Green. Click arrow to play.

Folksinger Tom Paxton has been making sense–and nonsense–of the human condition ever since he burst onto the Greenwich Village scene nearly six decades ago with some pals named Bob Dylan, Joan Baez and Judy Collins.

Tom Paxton. Photo by Michael G. Stewart
Tom Paxton. Photo by Michael G. Stewart

Paxton’s songs, which include such classics as The Last Thing on My Mind, Bottle of Wine and Ramblin’ Boy, have been covered by everyone from Dolly Parton to Placido Domingo, and his 62-plus albums have earned him a lifetime achievement Grammy.

The Ramblin’ Man’s final tour is heading our way, on July 25, 2015, to celebrate the 40th anniversary of The Minstrel Acoustic Concert Series.

The show, at the Presbyterian Church in Chatham, officially is sold out. You can get on a waiting list for $30 tickets.

The next best thing? Our MorristownGreen.com podcast with Tom Paxton! (See above.)

In this lively and often funny conversation, Tom shares songs from his new album, Redemption Road; reflects on his early days with Dylan and Pete Seeger, and sizes up today’s folk scene.

He also divulges his favorite — and not-so-favorite–covers of his work, offers tips for aspiring songwriters, and even sings a jingle that will be instantly familiar to listeners over a certain age.

Call him gifted, call him prolific, call him durable.  Call Tom Paxton anything, in fact, except “legend,” and you’ll get along just fine.

Our thanks to Tom Paxton and his team, and to Mike Agranoff at The Minstrel; and also to our friends at Montclair State University’s Center for Cooperative Media for use of their facilities, and to engineer Mike Barnhart for his help.

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Video: Tom Paxton, 1966, ‘The Last Thing on My Mind’


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