Podcast: Kristin tunes into the energy of Diane Jackson, animal communicator

Kristin Ace
Kristin Ace

Editor’s note: Kristin Ace is on a summer hiatus; here is an encore of a podcast from September 2013. Kristin will return with new episodes in September 2014!

Diane Jackson, animal communicator, and I talked at length how she learned to speak with animals.
She works with all types of animals by tuning in to their frequency and letting her ego step out of the way so that she can serve as a conduit for the message.
She has helped me with many an issue over the years, including a message from one of my familiars who transitioned.
A familiar is an animal that humans have an emotional and psychic bond with and who is attuned to the powers of its human partner. I know that Diane’s communications are true because things have been said to me that only someone in my immediate family would know.  And, frankly, who is more immediate than your animal!
Diane is also a healer who incorporates many modalities into her practice, and yes, she can use her healing for your pets. If you want to know what is on your pet’s mind, or are having an issue that needs attending to ~ call Diane!!! 919.632.8719.
We talk about~
*tuning into an animal’s energy
*what animals teach us
*unconditional love
Above is my dear kat Pegasus who transitioned some years ago at the age of 21. This kat was the smartest animal I have ever known. My husband, Jeff and I had to install a child lock on our refrigerator before we had children because Pegasus figured out how to open the door and was stealing food!
For weeks, things were disappearing~ butter, cheese, steak, and chicken breasts. I asked Jeff if he was throwing things out and then I began to question my sanity, thinking that maybe I didn’t take the whatever out of the freezer.
One day I was home at an unusual time and  I heard a loud scratching sound coming from the kitchen. Feeling a bit nervous, I peeked around the corner to investigate. Sure enough, there was Pegasus, systematically picking at the door until he got it open and then he proceeded to take out the steak that had thawed. When I said his name he turned around and his face was pure sheepishness. He looked at me with the steak hanging out of his mouth like ‘Oh!! well what are you doing home at this hour~ heh, heh, heh.’ Besides laughter, he brought many gifts into my life, and most importantly, he brought me love.

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Kristin Ace of Morristown is a professional actress, writer, storyteller and healer. She created Good Vibrations with Kristin as an avenue to combine her gifts and talents for uplifting conversations to raise the vibration of the Earth and all that tune in. To learn more about Kristin please visit www.kristinace.com

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