Manburger in Bearadise: Singer Carla Ulbrich takes Stephen Colbert’s challenge



From life-threatening illnesses to rampaging carnivores, singer Carla Ulbrich always finds the lighter side.

In this video she makes the unbearable bearable, with a nudge from Stephen Colbert.

Carla explains:

A couple weeks ago Stephen did a threatdown: All-bear edition, and demanded that Weird Al write a parody called “Manburger in Bearadise.” Well, Al is a little busy, having just hit #1 on Billboard for the first time in his career. So I wrote the song. I got to sing a chorus to Stephen himself when I attended the Colbert Report taping last week.

Carla, who has appeared in’s Film Festival and WordPlay event, as well as at First Night Morris and The Minstrel in Morris Township, also has a part in Sharknado 2 with her husband Joe. You can see them tonight, July 30, 2014, on the SyFy network at 9 pm… if you look real hard:

Our “acting” mostly consisted of pretending it was a nice summer day when in fact it was 28 degrees and breezy with flurries in February… We are in the scene at Citifield (Mets stadium), sitting three rows behind the main actors. You’ll either be either delighted or horrified to know they’ve already green-lighted Sharknado 3.


Carla Ulbrich brings her 'Sick Humor' to the 2012 Film Festival on Aug. 17. Photo by Kevin Coughlin
Carla Ulbrich at The Minstrel. Photo by Kevin Coughlin



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