Podcast: ‘Good Vibrations’ and Mahara Ashlie explore dimensions of healing


healing herbsWhen Mahara Ashlie talks about wellness, she brings a level of understanding and breadth of knowledge that is unparalleled.

Mahara was so deep in disease as a child that she died ~ several times!! But, thankfully, she found her way out of that paradigm and moved into the world of healing.

She is now the owner and product formulator of the skin care products at Welstar Organics. She lives her passion. She lives and exemplifies wellness on every level.  She has experienced rebirth (s!).

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From our first breath to our final breath, we are managing our health. It is multifaceted and ever changing. From my own experiences I have come to believe that we must be our own advocates, we must be knowledgeable, and we must be open to different or nontraditional forms of healing.

I have actually had several rebirths over the course of my life and I expect that there will be more. The first rebirth, and frankly, what I believe to be my resurrection, was when I stopped using drugs and alcohol to numb myself. The second rebirth was when I discovered energy work and became a LaHo~Chi practitioner. I have used traditional talk therapy, nutrition, energy work, exercise, meditation and creative expression to heal.  

Being well is multifaceted and so, needs a broad approach. What worked last year for a nagging emotional issue may not work this time around because of the layer that you are coming at it from. 

I have discovered that the deeper the layer of healing, the more often I need to find a different approach (s). Some of my physical issues, have an emotional core and visa versa. Sugar is one of the ways that I manage deep feelings that feel overwhelming. Recently, my body has begun to reject that form of management and I am having to move to a more mindful practice around my feelings. Sigh. Really, that is all that I can say about it! It has not been so easy, this sugar thing.

However, as Mahara stated so beautifully, “I am not healed, but I am Well.”  Yes, I am well and I continue to delve into wellness on every level. And I will state, for myself, that I rely on my Higher Self and All That Is to guide me, because without my spiritual practice, I am far from well…xoK

 We talked about the book   Love your disease   ~ written by John Harrison: click on the book name to learn more

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