Podcast: Good Vibrations joins in with an Independence Day celebration


fireworksThere are many reasons to celebrate the birth of our country, but, for me, it has particular resonance.  For those of you who have been following Good Vibrations with Kristin, you know that I had quite a run-in with bullies in my teen years. 

From that time on, I became a champion of the underdog.  Our liberation from England was absolutely an underdog triumphing over a bully.

Becoming independent of the demons that have held me hostage from my teen-hood has been a bit of a roller coaster ride and thankfully, I love roller coasters!

Seriously though, after I left the place that I went to high school, I couldn’t seem to shake the fears I had taken on from my experiences. And they weren’t even normal fears.

I auditioned and became a member of a summer theater, landing a lead role in  the musical Grease, even though I had never had a major singing role in college. I moved to Chicago, knowing absolutely no one,  because I had a dream that I was happy there. I did those kinds of things without a thought.

But I would have these images of the brutality  I experienced in high school and become afraid that people from that time would find me and try to hurt me again. I never listed my telephone number or ever gave out my address (in the days before social media). 

Even as I moved into the world of solo performing and self-promotion, the fears stayed by my side. It was working with the LaHo~Chi  (the healing energy that I was trained in) that allowed the fear to be replaced with Trust and Knowing.

listen and claim your independence

It has been a roller coaster ride for sure ~and certainly not over yet ~ but I can truly celebrate my own Independence Day, alongside that of my country, with joy and love!

Angel from Montgomery was written by John Prine. The version I fell in love with is sung by Bonnie Raitt (a talented storyteller in her own right!). Click on the song here to see her perform it live


facebook kKristin Ace is a professional actress, writer, storyteller and healer. She created Good Vibrations with Kristin as an avenue to combine her gifts and talents for uplifting conversations to raise the vibration of the Earth and all that tune in. To learn more about Kristin please visit www.kristinace.com

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