Podcast: ‘Good Vibrations’ adds spiritual pollination with Noelle Izzi



Editor’s Note: Here is a summer encore presentation of one of Kristin’s favorite episodes. Some new Good Vibrations are coming this way soon!

Noelle Izzi’s quest is to bring awareness to her beautifully coined expression: “Spiritual pollination.”

Megan and I were excited by the term and its implication for raising the vibration of our life experiences and more profoundly, our Earth.

Spiritual pollination is about what energy we put out into the world. By putting positive energy, thought and action out,  we create a world of Divine balance ~ the same kind of balance that we see, and experience in Nature. 

Noelle had a beautiful experience with a hummingbird that changed her perspective and turned her world around. The hummingbird was brought in by the Divine to pollinate a message of Joy. 

Native Americans believe that the hummingbird feathers open the heart.  Without an open heart, we cannot experience the beauty and bliss of life. 

Hummingbird is a bird of true Joy.  This bird is the only one who can fly up, down and in each direction. It can also seem as though it is literally hanging still in the air. Hummingbird, though teeny tiny, is a powerful pollinator.  Because of its free spirit, it cannot live in captivity.

We talked briefly about Dr. Masaru Emoto, the world renowned scientist who proved that words, written or spoken, will change how water crystals form.  Beautiful music and words spoken to water or even written on a glass of water creates beautiful crystal formations in the water that can be witnessed after it is frozen.  Negative words spoken into or taped onto the glass of water created deformed and imbalanced crystals.  

Follow the link below to get more information and be astounded by what vibrations a word will create in water.  Then it that a step further to understand the impact you have every day with EVERY word you speak and think…

Dr. Masaru Emoto 


 To learn more about Noelle Meade~Izzi and her work, please follow the link below ~


 Read the turkey vulture story on Noelles blog by following the link below~

bee-nevolent blog

begin your spiritual pollination by listening to the podcast



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