Bruce, and Downton Abbey, this week at Morristown library

BORN TO SCONE: Bruce and Downton Abbey play back-to-back nights at the Morristown & Township Library.
BORN TO SCONE: Bruce and Downton Abbey play back-to-back nights at the Morristown & Township Library.
BORN TO SCONE: Bruce and Downton Abbey play back-to-back nights at the Morristown & Township Library.
BORN TO SCONE: Bruce and Downton Abbey play back-to-back nights at the Morristown & Township Library.


If they could figure a way to merge these events, you’d really have a weird and wacky evening of entertainment.

As it stands, the Morristown & Township Library is offering a Bruce Springsteen rockumentary  on Wednesday, June 25, 2014, followed on Thursday, June 26, with a “Great Scone-Off!” by the Downton Abbey Support Group.

The library is at One Miller Road in Morristown. Both events are free. Doors open for Springsteen & I  at 6:30 pm; the scones start flying at the Downton soirée at 7 pm.

Here are details about both events, from the library:


New Library Series on Acclaimed Rock Music Films

The Moving Image of Rock Movie Series: Springsteen & I (2013)

The Morristown & Morris Township Library is launching a new occasional series called “The Moving Image of Rock” with a screening the documentary film Springsteen & I (2013) on Wednesday, June 25 at 6:30 p.m.  Refreshments will be served.  This free program is supported through funding from the Friends of the Morristown & Morris Township Library.

Bruce Springsteen has a huge fan base particularly here in his home state, so as a different take on doing a Rockumentary, director Baillie Walsh and producer Ridley Scott wanted to produce a documentary film solely from the fan’s perspective.  Using only video footage submitted by Springsteen’s fansSpringsteen & I takes a fascinating look at this iconic artist through his fans’ eyes.  Fans submitted everything from YouTube footage to more professional entries to describe Springsteen’s music’s effect on their own lives.  Walsh delved through submissions from over 2,000 fans and struggled with the film, so it would not seem like just two hours of gushing in Bruce’s direction.

The film does not distinguish between hardcore fans, and what some might dub as ‘stalkers’ (One woman almost lovingly embraces her web cam during a taped Springsteen performance), but certainly is successful in showing what the Boss’s effect on his fan base has been.  Some people appreciate his music, for others he is a role model or almost a Zen master or even as one review put it, a life coach, which helps to explain Bruce’s appeal far beyond his image and music.

The Library’s new, occasional movie series entitled “The Moving Image of Rock,” aims to show acclaimed Rock ‘n’ Roll documentaries, dramatic movies and general motion pictures about Rock topics.  Rock ‘n’ Roll, now entering (arguably) its sixth decade, moved from being music influenced by Rhythm & Blues and Country music to encompassing everything that includes an electric guitar, bass, drums and beyond.  Originally journalists, but now even academics, study the genre for its colorful characters, mass appeal and its influence on greater popular culture.  Filmmakers from Cameron Crowe to Martin Scorsese have taken the genre to another level with both documentaries and feature-length films that show everything from the backstage life of these mega stars, expertly-shot concert footage to adaptations that display the genre in a light ranging from flattery to fantasy.  With the series, the Library hopes to show motion pictures that range from the highly-acclaimed, to cult favorites, or films not as widely known or available.

The Great Scone-OFF!

Sponsored by the Library’s Downton Abbey Support Group

Thursday, June 26, 2014, 7 p.m.

Are Abbey fans ready for the ultimate scone challenge?  On Thursday, June 26th at 7:00 p.m., the Morristown and Morris Township Library’s Downton Abbey Support Group (to support the show’s fans during the long breaks between new episodes), will host a Scone-off, where those in attendance will rate the variety of scones present. Are those lemon poppy seed scones fromscratch?  Is that ginger in those orange scones?  Which one is from a mix?  Will home-made scone bakers share their secret recipes?  Only those who attend will know the truth!

The group will also take a look at our favorite cast in their roles other than at Downton.  What?  Lord Grantham planning the Olympics?  Lady Grantham singing about cows?  Come and witness the Crawleys and the staff in their acting roles outside of Highclere Castle.  As usual, there will be discussion of the upcoming season five, Downton News and more!  Tea (and although un-British, coffee) will also be served and period costume is always welcome, but not required.

This program is supported by the Friends of the Morristown & Morris Township Library.

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