Podcast: ‘Good Vibrations’ gets powerful with the third chakra


chakra threeYellow  is the color associated with the third chakra and the element is fire.  The third chakra is our power center.   It is the chakra that is oriented to self-definition and it gets you moving!

It is from our center that we reverberate out who we think we are. When the third chakra is spinning easily, we feel good about who we are and what we contribute to the world. 

However, if your self-talk is crappy ~ I always say something stupid, I couldn’t be any fatter, No one likes the bald guy dude, I’m such a space cadet ~ then your third chakra needs balancing. And, make no mistakes, even though your self-talk is in your head, you will radiate that energy out and create a world that answers to that talk.

Who we are to ourselves is far more important than how the world out there defines us.  Knowing that we are Divine and that we bring something special to this Earth simply by being our true selves takes hold in the third chakra. It is our inner most “private” thoughts that determine what we think of ourselves.  No person, job, dollar amount or profession can define who you are.

And bigger than that is the FACT that the Divine knows who you are and loves you immensely for having the courage to incarnate in physical form, so that the Divine can be known through you and by you. Try telling yourself that private thought every day and see your world become a magical one!

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facebook kKristin Ace is a professional actress, writer, storyteller and healer. She created Good Vibrations with Kristin as an avenue to combine her gifts and talents for uplifting conversations to raise the vibration of the Earth and all that tune in. To learn more about Kristin please visit www.kristinace.com

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