Podcast: ‘Good Vibrations with Kristin’ goes Divine with Julie Genovese, part 1

Kristin Ace and Julie.
Kristin Ace and Julie.

Julie, Megan and I talk at length about staying connected to the divine while we live our busy lives. This topic will come up often because of how busy we truly are. Whether we are parents of children, parents to animals, helping our older parents, practicing our career choices or any of the other katrillion things we focus on, how do we get still? How do we hear the still and Divine voice within?

Kristin Ace and Julie.
Kristin Ace and Julie Genovese.

Julie brought up the very excellent and True fact that each experience in life brings us closer to being on purpose. When I look at each job, each experience (even the painful ones!) and each person I see how they have added to the fabric of my tapestry of life.

Remembering that fact helps me stay connected because I Know that it is all interwoven. And when I Know that in my heart, then I can continue to shift my focus to the Light or to the Divine.

And I have learned, it is a choice. But, no matter what the choice is, each one brings in rich experiences and we add it into our information file of being human. I have definitely chosen to walk away from the Light in my life. I needed to experience that as a soul to understand the contrast between Light and Dark. I also needed to understand and learn to love my own Dark parts so that I could integrate them into my Light. Here is a list of some of our favorite spiritual leaders that we reference in the podcast:

Abraham HicksWayne Dyer, and Thich Nhat Hanh

Remember that Julie Genovese, is the author of Nothing Short of Joy. Follow the embedded links to learn more about Julie and buy her book!

Megan loves the pursuit of a passionate spiritual life ~ I agree! And that pursuit does not guarantee life will be easy. But, I Promise you, it will be full of Love~

so listen to the podcast and continue your pursuit…


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