Tornado watch remains in effect through 5 pm for Morris County, state: Safety tips


A tornado watch remains in effect through 5 pm today, Oct. 7, 2013, according to the National Weather Service.

According to the National Centers for Disease Control, these are signs of an impending tornado:

  • A dark or green-colored sky.
  • A large, dark, low-lying cloud.
  • Large hail.
  • A loud roar that sounds like a freight train.

From the CDC:

Flying debris causes most deaths and injuries during a tornado. Although there is no completely safe place during a tornado, some locations are much safer than others.

If you are at home when a tornado approaches:

Pick a place in the home where family members can gather if a tornado is headed your way. One basic rule is AVOID WINDOWS. An exploding window can injure or kill.

A tornado watch is in effect for new Jersey through 10 pm on June 27, 2013. Photo:

The safest place in the home is the interior part of a basement. If there is no basement, go to an inside room, without windows, on the lowest floor. This could be a center hallway, bathroom, or closet.

For added protection, get under something sturdy such as a heavy table or workbench. If possible, cover your body with a blanket, sleeping bag, or mattress, and protect your head with anything available–even your hands.

Avoid taking shelter where there are heavy objects, such as pianos or refrigerators, on the area of floor that is directly above you. They could fall though the floor if the tornado strikes your house

Cars, mobile homes and long-span buildings–large structures where only the walls support the roof–are bad places to be during a tornado, the CDC says.


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