Morristown’s Ticket-Taker Guy wants back old job at new cinema


For an over-the-top fellow, Eric “Fluffy” Glover has a knack for understatement.

Eric 'Fluffy' Glover Sr., the Ticket-Taker Guy from Morristown's Clearview Cinemas, is celebrating the BIG 5-0. Photo by Kevin Coughlin.
Eric ‘Fluffy’ Glover Sr., the Ticket-Taker Guy from Morristown former Clearview Cinemas, wants his old job back. Photo by Kevin Coughlin.

Morristown’s beloved “Ticket-Taker Guy,” whose comic routine has been a fixture for a generation of local movie-goers, said Thursday he hopes AMC Theatres will hire him when that chain replaces Clearview Cinemas at Headquarters Plaza.

“I’m going to go over and check it out,” said Fluffy, who has been unemployed since Clearview left town in June. “I am pretty sure people will be happy to see me there.”

Pretty sure?

A Fluffy Facebook tribute page has nearly 12,000 likes. For his 50th birthday, a bar where he moonlighted as a bouncer gave him a Cadillac.

Headquarters Plaza officials announced Thursday that AMC has leased the former Clearview 10-plex and plans to open in Morristown within 30 days, while making renovations for nine months.

New screens, digital projectors and audio systems are promised, along with “plush power recliners, a revamped concession area that includes hot foods such as mozzarella sticks, chicken tenders, French fries and pizza, Coca-Cola Freestyle machines.”

When Clearview Cinemas sold its chain of theaters to Bow Tie Cinemas, Morristown was among a handful of venues that Bow Tie declined.

If AMC does the right thing and hires Fluffy, it won’t be the first time.  He worked for AMC in 1987, when it opened the original movie chain at Headquarters Plaza. Fluffy remembers Full Metal Jacket, La Bamba, The Lost Boys and Dragnet were playing on that day.

This summer, Fluffy pursued jobs at movie theaters in Parsippany and Sucasunna. But they had no fulltime openings, he said. So he has been collecting unemployment and biding his time until the opening of  Veronica’s Speedwell, where he expects to resume his bouncer career.

Like most people, however, he’d rather be in pictures. Or at least, in a pictures palace.

In all his years of colorful ticket-taking from movie patrons, Fluffy added, “I never called in sick. A lot of people told me they miss me being there….I do miss it in a lot of ways.”

Mark Ehrenkranz, who gave a talk about the movie industry at the Morristown library on Thursday, said he hopes to bring his film series back to town. Photo by Kevin Coughlin
Mark Ehrenkranz, who gave a talk about the movie industry at the Morristown library on Thursday, said he hopes to bring his film series back to town. Photo by Kevin Coughlin

The return of AMC also may be good news for Mark Ehrenkranz, impresario of the popular New York Film Critics Series.

Mark was forced to move his eight-week series to Parsippany when Clearview went dark in Morristown.

“Yeah! Are you kidding!” exclaimed the Morristown resident when asked if he hoped to bring the series back home.

But it depends on how renovations are configured, he said. If AMC retains a big 500-seat movie space, the series returns.  “Otherwise, I stay in Parsippany.”

Eric “Fluffy” Glover,  from the 2012 Film Festival. His ticket-taking routine is at the end of the video, shot by Joey Gatto.

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  1. I’ve known Eric 40 plus years, and I promise you, you won’t find I kinder, caring, more sincere down to earth fella! Back in the 80’s I use to work out @ the Gym in the Plaza, and most Saturday’s after I’ve worked out I’d catch a movie and Eric or “Big Eric” as he was called back in the day would always greet me with a big ole smile a hand shake, and seemingly happy to see me, shame on the fool whom would denie this gentle giant a position in they’re establishment, for he is simply put an absolute Gem, a wonderful human being and given the opportunity a major asset, monetarily, and otherwise to they’re establishment! Peace and much love to you Big Eric, God willing you’ll pick up where you left off!!

  2. We love Eric, my wife has been going to the movies and giving him her ticket since she was a kid. When I moved here I loved going to headquarters the highlight was always seeing Eric. Always made the day better. My kids love going to see him. I’ll picket to get him hired again!!!!

  3. He is cordial, funny, nice, and always smiling! Who would not want a person like him working for them? I really expect to see him there once they open again. My kids love seeing him.

  4. I remember Eric since I was 14 year old that was in 1992 when I first saw this big guy I was scare to see him the first time but after hi give me a big smile I was short this hiS a good guys I wish he gets that job back I wish u look

  5. I’m shock the local theatres didn’t snatch Eric up… he’s gem, he would be great for business better than any blockbuster movie.

  6. With poor uncaring customer service in many storefronts and countless waiting time on customer service phone lines, Eric Glover is a jewel in the crown! Bring him back:)

  7. I went to high school with Eric Glover, and it’s always great to see him when I go to a movie at Headquarters Plaza. He’d be a terrific addition to the new team. AMC, hire him!

  8. I would love for mr glover to have his job back! He always put a smile on each of our faces every time we went to a movie there!!!

  9. Please give Eric Glover his job back. People from all over loved him. He is a pleasant person with a beautiful smile. He would always make you smile . Eric loved what he did his compassion for his job you could see it. He was very deadicated, head held high. It did not matter that he wasn’t working in a high paying job he was Proud of his job. And raised his kids off of that salary. He is loved by so many of us. Please give us back Morristown favorite ticket taker. Thank you!!!

  10. I think if it was not for Eric Glover, this theater would not have the legacy that it does. They owe a lot to Eric, they should pay him a good salary just for doing what he does. You can’t put a price tag on that type of marketing.

  11. I remember Mr. Glover, he was more of a reason to go to the theater than the movie. This guy deserves that job, no one is as happy doing that job as he is and his happiness rubs off onto every person whose ticket he cuts. Give it to him!!!