Tracing Infinity with Gordon Thomas Ward


On November 3, 2013, Gordon Thomas Ward will be teaching the 9:15 a.m. Adult Education Sunday Morning Seminar at the Presbyterian Church in Morristown.  His topic, Tracing Infinity, will show you how close our lives are to heaven and the source of our existence.  Meadows, mountains, gardens, and coastlines, are all God’s classrooms for Gordon Thomas Ward, and he will teach you how you can find evidence of God wherever you happen to be.  Our lives are saturated in God, even when we feel we are in the wild lands and winters of our lives.  Come and see how the Divine touches us all on our incredible journeys.

Gordon Thomas Ward is a writer, presenter, and musician.  Born in Tacoma, Washington, his family moved to New Jersey dividing its time between the family’s home in NJ and a summer cottage in Maine.  He has worked as the Ministry Programs Director at the new Vernon Presbyterian Church, as a English and history teacher, and currently divides his professional time between writing and lecturing.

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