Greater Morristown youth football update: July 29 registration, FAQ

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The Morristown Athletic Council and the MHS Touchdown Club are happy to announce that the Junior Colonials football club and the Morristown Wildcats Football club have mutually agreed to combine their youth athletic programs.

The children in the Morris School District will now have one football and cheerleading program in town, focused on friendships and athletics. This combined organization will take effect immediately so we can quickly prepare for a successful 2013 season.

This Monday, July 29, 2013, is the strict deadline for registration.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q:  If I registered for the Jr. Colonials cheer or football program, do I have to re-register with the Morristown Wildcats?

A:  No, you are now registered to play and cheer for the Wildcats. However, you will be given a waiver form to sign prior to your first practice.

Q:  What are details regarding cheer, tackle and flag?

A:  Please visit and go to the appropriate tab on the left side of the home page for details.

Q:  I have a 3rd grade child and have registered him for flag but he wants to play on the NEW 3rd grade only tackle team, what do I need to do?

A:  Go back into the Wildcats registration system and re-register under the tackle tab and pay the $225 fee.  Let me know that you have done this and I’ll delete you from the flag roster and refund you the $125 that was previously paid.

Q:  I expressed interest in coaching at the tackle level , but I have not heard about the possibility of coaching.  Do you need my assistance this year?

A:  Due to a limited number of positions, not all parents will be asked to coach.  If there is an opening and it’s a good fit for the organization, you will be contacted regarding that position.  Parents who are asked to coach may be offered a position on a team other than their son’s team.

Q:  How many players do you have at each grade in Tackle?

A:  There will be over 25 players at each grade. If there are 50 or more players on a given team, the team will be split into two teams.

Q:  How will playtime be determined?

A:  3rd grade: each player will play half the game.
4th grade: is an instructional level.  Each player will play a quarter of the game
5th grade:  there are playoffs at this level.  Each player will play a quarter of the game.
6th-8th grade:  These levels are very competitive throughout the league.  All players will compete for a starting position.  There is no guaranteed minimum playtime.

Q:  Can my child play up with the next grade because he is a bigger kid?

A:  No, all players will play with the kids in the same grade.

Q:  What league will the tackle teams play in?

A:  NJSYFL. There are 19 teams within the league.  Visit for details.

Q: I heard this is an unlimited weight league?

A:  That is correct.  However, in order to touch the ball  (QB, WR, RB) there are weigh restrictions.  Here are the weight limits:
3rd grade- (no level designation)- 75#
4th grade (e level)- 90#
5th grade (d level)- 100#
6th grade (c level)- 115#
7th grade (b level)- 130#
8th grade (a level)- 160#

Q: What are the game times? When are games played?

A:  All games are played on Sunday unless we play Parsippany away.  All Parsippany away games are played on Saturday starting in the early afternoon.
5th grade (d level) 9:00-10:25am
6th grade (c level) 10:30-11:55am
7th grade (b level) 12:00- 1:10pm
8th grade (a level) 1:15- 2:55pm
4th grade (e level) 3:00-4:25pm

Q: When will the 3rd grade tackle team play?

A:  The 3rd grade tackle team is new this year.  There are about 6 programs within our league that have a 3rd grade tackle team.  Therefore, we will schedule games with these other teams. The times, dates and locations will vary each week. I would say there will be no games on Sunday.  You can expect to play 5-6 games during the season. The 3rd grade season will probably end around Oct 20th. TBD

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