Topsail 2013: My last mission trip


The youth group from St. Peter’s Episcopal Church in Morristown winds down its mission trip to Topsail, N.C., where teens have helped renovate homes of elderly and disadvantaged residents.

Well, it’s come to the end of the week and I am so proud of all that we have done. Looking back at all the progress we have made makes me feel like we’ve made such a big difference.

Although we didn’t get as far along building the floor as we had all hoped, we painted an entire house in two days and were able to clear out 2,600 pounds of junk from the front of Mr. Mike’s house

I was also fortunate enough to return to last year’s site and do some painting, which I was thrilled about. Even though I didn’t get to see Ms. Cary or Ms. Patricia, just being back there brought back some incredible memories. I was so happy to go back and be reminded of how much of a difference we made last year.

This being my last trip has really been bittersweet. I wish this week didn’t have to end because I’ve been having such an amazing time with everyone here.

The friends I have grown so close to and the memories we have made together will always remain with me, and I have  been so incredibly fortunate to have gotten this opportunity for the past four years.

I’m so grateful to have been a part of this youth group and to be a part of all these trips. Each one has made me grow as a person and has taught me valuable lessons. I wouldn’t have wanted to spend this past week with anyone else; each member here has made this the best mission trip, better than the others.

-Nataliya Braun (age 18)


Nataliya's Send Off


Forever Friends


Good-Bye for now Topsail
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  1. Nataliya, you are an amazing young woman, and have grown so much in the years I have known you. You will go far in life, and I am blessed to have had a chance to go on a second mission trip with you.

    Be well, and enjoy Rhode Island!