Topsail 2013: Trials and tribulations on the mission trip work site

Nataliya Braun helping to make headbands for an Uganda fundraiser

As the Youth Group from St. Peter’s Episcopal Church in Morristown prepares to get to work in Topsail, N.C., Mother Nature intervenes…

Team Effort’s motto is “pray as you go,” which proved just right as we drove to our assigned work site on Monday.

Nataliya Braun helping to make headbands for an Uganda fundraiser

The house assigned to us is a small ranch with an overgrown lawn. The owner of the house is a man named Michael, who has fallen on some hard times.

From the outside it looked fine; however, the inside had no flooring. After we took in what was really needed for the house, our two Team Effort leaders Jenny and Jordan led us in prayer.

We had hardly even started working when it started to rain. As the rain continued, we retreated to our vans and discussed how it takes strength to be able to ask for help. It is hard being at the mercy of others.

However while there another problem arose… the house had a very weak foundation, and the Team Effort leaders did not want to continue building until it had been inspected.

Between waiting for the verdict from the inspector and the relentless rain, only a small amount of work was done. I was very disappointed that we couldn’t do any work on the house. Hopefully, tomorrow will bring clear skies and good weather.

We ended up returning to the Salt and Light Center where we are staying. The leaders had us write letters to a boys orphanage school in Uganda, we also made headbands out of cloth to sell in the shop as a fundraiser for the Ugandan school.

After that, we relaxed with some volleyball and other fun activities, and we even went to some tourist traps in the area for souvenirs.

The last part of the day was chapel. Once again, the Team Effort staff talked about laying a foundation in our own lives through action. Afterwords, we had some cake because it was Alex’s birthday. Happy birthday Alex!


Rainy Day Fun - Volleyball Warm-ups


More Rainy Day Fun - Caitie Owen showing off her field hockey skills.


Alex Taormina the Birthday Boy!!!!
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