Topsail 2013: First real work day is productive for Morristown mission team


The weather relented at last, allowing the Youth Group from St. Peter’s Episcopal Church in Morristown to begin renovating homes of elderly residents in Topsail, N.C.

Today, we went to the work site and since the weather was spectacular (as opposed to yesterday), we all got the chance to do some work.

Some of us were doing lawn work, others were working on the flooring situation inside, while the rest of us were painting the outside of the house. The latter was my specialty, as I painted a large amount of the side of the house and the trim surrounding the house.

The house looks much nicer with the new paint job, which is an off-white color and a dark green trim. I can’t speak much for the other projects on the house but it looks like they made some good progress, especially on the flooring.

I met Mike, the owner, today and I learned that he had a son who was murdered 13 years ago. That was really sad to hear about, and it makes me want to help this man more to improve his home. Can’t wait to get back to work tomorrow.

Austin Scott (age 15)


Our work site House


Austin, Pablo, Eleanor- Mission Trip Kids painting


Nataliya and Alaina- Mission Trip Kids painting


RJ and Julian - Mission Trip Painters

Today was a good day. A day where everybody worked hard in exchange for a good beach trip afterwards.  At the site everybody was pitching in to help without complaining at all, and though there was problems, they were resolved quickly.

We got lots and lots of work done at the site including the painting, the floor outline, and the landscape. The painting changed how everything looked, it made the house look 10 times better. The inside of the house is still pretty bad, but in time Stumpy and Mufasa along with other workers (including me) will change how it looks and that will be great.

The landscape looks really awesome and has improved by a lot. The bushes have been trimmed, the grass is cut, and other things have been changed for the better. I love the work that everybody has done, and I can’t wait to finish.

Julian Cantu (age 13)

Working together to build the floor


Working hard on the work site

Today was the second day at the work site. Luckily we were not chased away by the rain this time, and were able to get some work done.

We worked on three main jobs– cutting the bushes, painting, and replacing the floor. I worked on the first two of these things. With just one day of work the house already looks a whole lot better.

While it is upsetting to know that the grass and bushes are going to grow back after we leave, I think it is the satisfaction that it brings to the homeowner, Mike, that really matters. It may just be a temporary thing but it makes the house look cleaner and more beautiful from the outside.

Katherine Hall-Lapinski (age 16)

Mary, Becca, Katherine escape the heat


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  1. Katherine, Austin, and Julian,

    I loved reading these blog posts. You all are amazing, and I feel blessed to have had a chance to get to know you, and all the St. Peter’s youth group, this week.