‘It’s Too Early!!!!!’ But mission chores can’t wait for Morristown teens


This week we are following the adventures of the Youth Group from St. Peter’s Episcopal Church, which has ventured from Morristown to Topsail, N.C., to perform home repairs for elderly residents.

I woke up at 6 in the morning. Six!!!!It was not fun. Not fun at all. Especially when you wake up on an uncomfortable floor. From waking up so early everyone was like a zombie.

So, us zombies went to church where apparently we made a woman in the congregation  “feel 40 years young.”  After church we went into the car and made our way to McDonalds, and that was such a great breakfast (insert sarcasm here).After we ate we were on the road again. What did we do in the car you ask? Sleep. Sleep was our friend you see.  Sleep helped us get out of our zombie-like state of mind and made us feel happy again.

The trip so far. Please click icon below for captions.

After a while, we stopped for ice cream. After that we stopped for lunch. Yes, you heard right guys, we had dessert before lunch. We are such rule breakers!

After all that fun, we were on the road once again and we slept. We slept and slept AND SLEPT. After about 4 and 1/2 hours we FINALLY made it to Topsail Beach!!!!!We checked in and got our room assignments after several minutes of waiting.  After we were all settled in our rooms, we went to the beach to get away from the heat and humidity.

WELCOME TO TOPSAIL BEACH, NC!  Photo courtesy of Jody Dawkins
WELCOME TO TOPSAIL BEACH, NC! Photo courtesy of Jody Dawkins
Let me tell you, the beach is AH-MAZING.  The waves were so nice and it was so refreshing to do something active and fun, and something that didn’t involve sitting in a car.

After the beach we went to get some dinner and then to worship. Our counselors are really weird… like crazy weird. But they seem really nice and cool too, so it will be interesting to see what it is like to work with them tomorrow. It’s getting late  now so night!!!!-Becca Hoffman  🙂MORE ABOUT TOPSAIL 2013

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