One sign that you have had too much to drink: Missing pants


A patron of Grasshopper Off the Green in Morristown apparently hopped right out of his pants.

morristown police badgeResponding to a burglar alarm on March 15, police found Jeffrey Persinger, 33, of Norfolk, Va., in the office of First Choice Motors “on the phone and not wearing pants.”

It was 2:07 am, and Jeffrey reportedly told Officer Robert Edwards that he was “extremely intoxicated and did not know how he got into the building.”  He remembered visiting the Grasshopper, however, and awaking in the Morris Street office of First Choice Motors and dialing 911, according to the police report.

Officer James Green located the missing pants in an office of neighboring Demaio Concepts.  His investigation determined that “Mr. Persinger urinated in his pants.”

Jeffrey was arrested and charged with defiant trespass, and then taken to Morristown Medical Center.  Police reported that he could not be processed at headquarters “due to his high level of intoxication.”

The report does not indicate whether the pants were held as evidence.

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