Video: ‘Team 26’ rolls through Morristown en route from Newtown to DC, with gun control message


“Team 26,” which is scheduled to arrive in Washington DC today, March 12, cycled through Morristown on Sunday on its four-day journey from Newtown, CT.

Three months after 26 children and teachers were shot dead at the Sandy Hook Elementary School, the bikers plan to take their demand for tougher gun laws to Congress.

In this video, Monte Frank of Newtown explains that his neighbors don’t want their town known as the place that “didn’t do anything” after the unspeakable tragedy of Dec. 14, 2012.

Morristown Councilwoman Rebecca Feldman, a co-founder of the Morris Area Committee to Reduce Gun Violence, invited the cyclists to loop the historic Green.

Mayor Tim Dougherty and Councilwoman Toshiba Foster were among the welcoming group that came out on the frosty morning.

A day earlier, three Newtown residents addressed a gathering at the Presbyterian Church in Morristown to urge support for “common-sense” measures to prevent gun violence. Stay tuned for more video from that event.  Here is a clip of local high school girls singing My Beautiful Town on Saturday.


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