An MG Kids perspective on Morristown rally against gun violence


By Carl Hausman, MG Kids correspondent

Two months ago, a tragedy occurred in Newtown, Connecticut. A young man in possession of a gun went through the school, firing. In the process, many students and several teachers were killed. On Valentine’s Day, people from all over New Jersey gathered at a rally at Morristown Green to support changes to our gun laws.

The community gathers on the Morristown Green for a rally in memory of the children and teachers killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, and to urge stricter gun controls. Sharon Sheridan photo

There’s something attracting about the sight of a crowd – people see a few people gathered, they come over to see what it’s all about, then some more people see a fair group of people and get curious, and so on. That’s what happened at the rally. By the time it actually started, there was quite a crowd gathered in the green.

State Sen. Barbara Buono addresses the rally. Sharon Sheridan photo

To begin with, there was a singing of the National Anthem. Then, there were a few speeches, honoring those who had died in Newtown and explaining briefly how and why gun laws needed to be changed.

One of the biggest issues seemed to be what sort of guns are sold today. I thought this was summed up perfectly by N.J. Sen. Barbara Buono: “If you need an assault rifle to hunt deer, then maybe hunting isn’t really your sport and you should take up golfing instead.”

A member of the Bethel AME Church youth choir sings a solo at the rally. Sharon Sheridan photo





After the speeches, the youth choir from Bethel AME Church came onto the stage and sang some songs about peace and faith. Then, candles started getting handed out, which were to be lit in the evening.

Unfortunately, I did not get to see the end because my parents had to drag me to an appointment elsewhere. However, I hope this profound event can promote some true change in our society.


Carl Hausman, 12, is a member of St. Peter’s Episcopal Church in Morristown, and a seventh-grader at Mount Olive Middle School in Budd Lake.

MG Kids correspondent Carl Hausman observes the rally with the Rev. Melissa Hall, assistant rector at St. Peter's Episcopal Church, her partner Fran Lapinski, front left, and their daughter Katherine Hall-Lapinski. Sharon Sheridan photo

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Morristown Councilwoman Rebecca Feldman, Morristown Mayor Tim Dougherty and state Sen. Barbara Buono participated in the Valentine's Day rally on the green against gun violence. Sharon Sheridan photo
Morristown clergy attending the rally included the Rev. Melissa Hall, assistant rector at St. Peter's Episcopal Church, back row, second from left, and the Rev. Cynthia Black, rector of the Episcopal Church of the Redeemer, back row, right. Sharon Sheridan photo
Pastor Sidney Williams of Morristown's Bethel AME Church gave the invocation at the rally. Here, he listens to the youth choir from his church perform. Sharon Sheridan photo
Anne Matlack, music director at Grace Church in Madison and of Harmonium, led a choir of Neighborhood House children in singing at the rally. Her husband, singer Jabez Van Cleef, right, also participated in the event. Sharon Sheridan photo
People of all ages participated in the Valentine's Day rally against gun violence. Sharon Sheridan photo
Many rally participants wore paper hearts commemorating the December shooting victims in Newtown, Connecticut. Sharon Sheridan photo
A youngster listens to the Bethel AME Church youth choir perform. Sharon Sheridan photo
The rally ended with a candlelighting ceremony. Sharon Sheridan photo
A display at the rally featured photo frames created by volunteers for the families of those killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Sharon Sheridan photo
A youngster attended the rally with a stuffed friend. Sharon Sheridan photo
Children wait for their turn to perform during the rally on the Morristown Green. Sharon Sheridan photo
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