Storm is over. Power is on. Life is good.


Thank you Morristown!

Miller Street at the beginning of the storm.
Walking on Miller Road at the beginning of the storm. Photo by Marcy Needle.

So we didn’t bear the brunt of the storm.  I’m sure everyone is happy about that.  But, we did get a heap of snow out there.  Depending upon how the wind blew and where you measure, we can quibble whether it was 8 or 10 or 12 inches.  The exact amount isn’t important.  But, I think we can all agree that the Town of Morristown did a stellar job preparing and clearing the streets as Nemo progressed through our region.  Kudos to the town staff who worked long hours to get the job done!

Living on a cul de sac, off a cul de sac (in non real estate parlance, a dead end street with just four houses), many times we are amongst the last to be cleared.  Not complaining mind you, just stating a fact.  Last night, however, I walked my dog after 11 pm and it was recently cleared.  At 8 am this morning I headed out yet again, and once again I was pleased to see that our immediate neighborhood streets were already scraped clean.

Snow covered gate
Snow covered gate. Photo by Marcy Needle.

So while we all like to complain when we’re unhappy with a service, I wanted to be sure to share praise when it’s due.   Thank you to the Town of Morristown and its staff for being prepared for Nemo.  And thank you for keeping us updated through the Office Of Emergency Management Facebook page.  The information posted there is timely and useful.  If you haven’t liked it yet, it’s time to do so.  And if you’re not on Facebook, know that the page is public and can be accessed by all.

The storm is over.  The power is on.  Life is good.

Uh oh! That's a close call. Photo by Marcy Needle.

A 13-year resident of Morristown, Marcy can be found leading one of Bike and Walk Morristown’s weekly walks from the Vail Mansion on Tuesday mornings at 8, posting, commenting and sharing on Facebook about the many organizations she loves and supports, madly trying to use the abundance of produce she gets from the Community Supported Garden (CSG) at Genesis Farm and attempting to organize her home.  Some of those efforts are more successful than others!


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  1. Kudos also for the great idea to allow residents to park in town parking garages, thus getting cars off the streets and making snow removal easier.

  2. Marcy what a wonderful post! Totally agree! Streets were nice and clean when I got up this morning! The town workers do a great job. So happy we didn’t lose power!