Video: Morristown’s Got Talent, all right. Here are some 2013 finalists

Morristown's Got Talent poster 2013

They sang. They danced. They gave it their best shot.

And 16 of the 65 tryouts from last Saturday are coming back, as finalists in Morristown’s Got Talent!

Morristown's Got Talent poster 2013This video from the auditions at Morristown High School hints at the energy that will fill the Mayo Performing Arts Center  on Feb. 27, 2013.  First prize is $1,000; show organizers aim to top the $52,000 they raised last year for school programs of the Morris Educational Foundation.

The finalists are:

Jonathan Aloba – Dance
Bellydance Revolution – Dance
Carlos Castellano – Vocal
Dance Innovations Performance Foundation – Dance
Melanie Della Peruti – Dance
Kaitlyn Gallagher & Band – Band
Josh Klein & The Legends – Band
Robie Loeser – Vocal
Chuck Levy – Vocal
Katherine Merwin and Julia Cipriani – Vocal and Instrumental Duet
Julia Rangel, Nina Rangel & Caty Tsang – Vocal and Instrumental Trio
Room 4 Three – Band
Danielle Schussel – Instrumental
Molly Sibona – Instrumental
Sofia, Arthur and Isabella Wawrzyniak – Vocal
Kat Zangari – Vocal

In our video you can catch sneak previews of Jonathan Aloba, Bellydance Revolution, Josh Klein & the Legends, Chuck Levy, Danielle Schussel and the sibling trio of Sofia, Arthur and Isabella Wawrzyniak.  We also have featured Room 4 Three in various configurations over the years. (You can catch the hip hop/pop band at 7:20 tonight, Dec. 21, at the First Night Battle of the Bands at the Morristown Deli.)

“People who come out this year can be assured it will be a different show,” said Debbie Sontupe, chairwoman of the Morris Educational Foundation. “There is something for everybody.”

“This has just become an amazing event,” said MGT Chairwoman Fran Rossoff, who was among the founders of the benefit show six years ago. She promised another “nice, diverse show: Singing, dancing, music–everything.

“For us it’s become kind of the heart of Morristown. Everybody knows about it and everybody looks forward to it…We’re just so excited about it.”

In other words…it takes more than a Mayan end-of-the-world threat to stop this show from going on!




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