Sandy prelude knocks down tree, breaks window in Morristown


A fallen tree brought an abrupt awakening to a Wetmore Avenue homeowner.

Winds from Hurricane Sandy knocked down a tree that hit a house on Wetmore Avenue on Monday. Berit Ollestad photo

Mike Mele decided to take a nap in his basement because he didn’t trust the trees during the winds being generated by Hurricane Sandy. Good thing, because one of those trees fell and hit the house.

“I thought it was thunder and lightning … it made a hell of a noise,” Mele said.

Nobody was injured, fortunately.

Meanwhile, the wind blew out a storefront window at Anais, a women’s clothing store on South Street, around 5 p.m.

Police officers Molnar and Rispicci were on the scene quickly, securing the other window with masking tape as firefighters made their way to the scene.
Emergency workers check out the tree that fell on Wetmore Avenue. Berit Ollestad photo
The wind blew out a window at Anais on South Street late Monday afternoon. Berit Ollestad photo
Rescue workers clean up the debris from the shattered window at Anais. Berit Ollestad photo



A tattered flag whips in the wind at the Morris Avenue overpass in Morristown above Interstate 287. Berit Ollestad photo
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