Ever almost done this? Motorist drives away from Morristown gas pump…with the gas pump attached


A mistake at a Morristown gas pump on Tuesday night nearly had a Hollywood ending–the kind you see in shoot-em-up action flicks.

Fortunately, nobody was injured when a pump toppled and caught fire at the LukOil station on Washington Street after a motorist pulled away with the hose still attached to his Mercedes.

morristown police badgeChristopher Andrews, 39, of Mendham told Police Officer Adam Khoudja he thought the station attendant said “you’re all good” when he returned to his vehicle after buying cigarettes in the station’s convenience shack shortly after 9 pm.

Having already paid by credit card for his gas fill-up, Christopher drove from the pump . . .

Officer Khoudja blocked the roadway with his patrol car and ensured that nobody was in harm’s way. The Morristown Fire Department quickly extinguished the fire, shut off the pumps and cleaned up the spilled fuel, according to the officer’s report.

“Mr. Andrews was apologetic and appeared to be visibly upset” by the incident, but he was uninjured and his car was not damaged, the officer said.

The pump was another story. Station owner Harjinder Kehal told police it could cost $5,000 to $10,000 to replace.


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