Morristown residents report attempted car break-ins near Washington’s Headquarters


Morristown residents reported attempted car break-ins early Wednesday on Plymouth Road, in the Washington Headquarters neighborhood.

Four men were observed in a black BMW around 6 am. Two appeared to be teenagers. One man had a large towel wrapped around his arm–as if he intended to break car windows if necessary, according to a resident.

The men entered an unlocked car but stole nothing, a resident said. Residents said authorities told them that the would-be thieves may have been searching for valet keys to steal cars; and that a car was stolen from nearby Rosemilt Place.

Plymouth Road: Residents report attempted burglaries.
Plymouth Road: Residents report attempted burglaries. Image: Google Maps.

A bicycle was stolen from an unlocked garage on Franklin Street two weeks ago, according to another resident, who said she now is locking her doors.

In Morris Township, meanwhile, authorities are searching for the “AC Bandit,” whose m.o. is pushing air conditioners through windows to gain entry. Police scheduled a meeting earlier this week with a neighborhood watch association in the Washington Valley neighborhood.

Harding police reported a burglary in the Green Village section on July 29, and said a burglary ring still was at large in northern New Jersey. Police there advised residents to take the following precautions:

  1. Lock doors and windows, leave enough interior/exterior lights on to make your house appear occupied and activate your alarm when away from home.
  2. Report suspicious activity, people and strange cars to the police.
  3. Keep an eye on your neighbors’ property.
  4. Call police if you will be away so that your residence can be periodically checked by the police.
  5. Call the police right away if someone comes to your door, rings the bell or knocks and asks questions that don’t seem right.



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