St. Peter’s mission trip Work Day 3: ‘The Satisfaction of Success’

Becca, Pablo and Melissa working on some new steps


Becca, Pablo and Melissa working on some new steps


Editor’s note: Here is a dispatch from Work Day Three in Topsail, N.C., where the youth group from St. Peter’s Episcopal Church in Morristown is hard at work on its annual mission trip. Chaperone Alan Chorun is compiling the commentary.

BEN CUTLER’S Blog, Fourth of July 2012

This morning a million trillion tons of hydrogen burned 93 million miles away, although it felt much closer. I hammered floorboards into the porch, and trimmed some hedges in the heat, while others were building stairs or a back porch for the neighbor.

Today, and yesterday we did this. The porch area that we built is a huge improvement from the previous water-damaged and trash-filled area that was there beforehand.

After we pulled up the floors and knocked off the roof on Monday we made tremendous improvements. The new floorboards are well built and look nice, and the roof should be less likely to cave in.

Back at camp some people would go to the beach, or play volleyball, or break the toilet. Tomorrow we are going to finish up our job, and it is a half-day (we work until 12, rather than 3) so we are going to lunch and then probably to the beach for relaxation.


Elbow Grease and Bleach


The first day I went to work, I wasn’t expecting what I received. The whole work time I didn’t think about myself once. All I thought of was the family. I realized that I was touched by the Holy Spirit and was carrying out God’s will.

I was satisfied with that day because I didn’t know that I was able to use a circular saw and build a stringer for stairs through making exact measurements.

The next day I finished the stairs and enjoyed the satisfaction of success. Today I installed floorboards on a porch. It’s hard to believe that people could live with so much garbage (under the porch). But I thought about how happy the people would be if I got the work done and so that is exactly what I did. Tomorrow we will put on finishing touches and complete our mission of doing God’s will.


Nightly Worship Service
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  1. Pablo,

    I loved reading about your experience of the Holy Spirit. Keep up the great work!!!