New sustainable business model open house in Morris Plains, Oct. 27

Green Vision in Morris Plains Office Park
Green Vision in Morris Plains Office Park

It’s not every day that a new manufacturing facility creates jobs in Greater Morristown.

But that’s what Green Vision Inc. is doing in Morris Plains.

What’s even more unique is that the jobs Green Vision creates are for autistic adults and adolescents.

On Oct. 27 from 5 – 8 pm Green Vision is hosting its first open house.  Please RSVP by this Friday, Oct. 21, to attend.

Technically, Green Vision does de-manufacturing — taking apart electronics and sorting components so they can be recycled.  Some of these components are more valuable than others — like copper and gold.

Nearly everything can be sold to provide an income stream. Green Vision is 99.7 percent landfill-free, and all of materials go to federally licensed facilities.

Green Vision challenges students with tasks that allow them to use problem solving skills while dismantling a wide variety of devices. This is far better than the alternative of putting electronics in landfills and having autistic citizens work menial jobs that let their education atrophy.

In Green Vision we have a beautiful example of the triple bottom line:  Meaningful jobs for people, stewardship of the planet and economic support of programs that are otherwise funded purely by taxes.  To learn more, come to the Open House on Thursday, Oct 27, or visit

1st Open House Invite
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