Video: Morristown’s Liquid Church ‘stimulus package,’ on News 12


They say charity begins at home. Liquid Church seems to get the message.

Back in 2008, when a gallon of regular gas topped $4, the evangelical congregation offered it for 99 cents. And this past  weekend, the church reversed its usual protocol by asking members to take out of the collection basket instead of putting in.

Some $30,000 was distributed during Sept. 25 services in Morristown, Nutley and New Brunswick, in $10-, $20- and $50 denominations. Pastor Tim Lucas simply asked recipients to “pay it forward” to help each other out.¬† A spiritual stimulus package, he called it.

Our thanks to News 12 for this video.

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  1. Wow! This is a church that puts their money where their mouth is! When you have a spirit of giving, you want to give more! If God gets it to you, and can trust you, He will get it through you, and will get back to you again and again to do His will on earth as it is in heaven.

    Good stewardship of entrusted funds is the example this church sets for all the others.

    Way to go Liquid!