Morristown Film Festival animation entry shows how we relate to the environment

Here is another exclusive MG Kids interview with one of the contestants for the 2011 Film & Music Festival.

By Alyse Jefferson, MG Kids correspondent

Creating an animation is a very long process.

“You have to build everything, model everything and light everything,” said Tracey Landau. “Then you have to rig the model – which means when everything moves realistically. With animating you have to do rendering, and then you do a lot of editing, sound, voice over, sound effects, music, and then make sure it looks good.”

Tracey Landau's short animation, 'An Introduction to Special Effects,' will be shown at the Fourth Annual Film an Music Festival on Aug. 27.

Tracey’s Introduction to Special Effects is among the entries that will compete for Best Picture at the Fourth Annual Film and Music Festival on Sept. 17.

Her film relates to sustainability, she said, because it shows how we are affected by the environment.

To Tracey being sustainable is very important.

“Our planet is where we all have to live and we all aren’t treating it the way it should be treated; there is a whole bunch of science about how little time we have left on this planet if we keep treating it the way that we have, and how few resources are going to be left in even 10 years, and it is obviously going to affect us in the future. But it is already affecting us now.

“We already can tell that weather has definitely gotten worse with global warming … and we have had a lot of problems, and we are already feeling a lot of the effects of it and using up a lot of resources such as oil,” said the recent graduate of Fairleigh Dickinson University. “We have to note that more, and start changing more and start living more sustainably.”

Tracey said she hoped that people would enjoy her movie and think it is funny, but also see some professionalism in it.

About Tracey: She has a huge movie collection and likes the director Steven Spielberg.

Alyse Jefferson, 12, is a regular correspondent for MorristownGreen’s MG Kids. We welcome junior reporters for our staff. We also encourage kids of all ages to submit artwork, poetry and fiction for publication on our site. Click here for more information.


This year’s film festival is part of a daylong Green on the Green held at Pioneer Park at Headquarters Plaza, Morristown, on Saturday, Sept. 17. is partnering with Sustainable Morristown for the event, which will feature local entrepreneurs showcasing the latest green technologies during the day; musical performances throughout the afternoon; and the Fourth Annual Film (&Music!) Festival in the evening. Viewers will vote for Best Picture, and trophies and prizes will be awarded for fans’ favorite videos. We expect a large crowd from Greater Morristown to be joined by visitors to the Gran Fondo NJ, a new bicycling event that should draw thousands to town.














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