Youngster displays domino magic in Morristown Film Festival entry


By Alyse Jefferson, MG Kids correspondent

Many people have submitted videos to the Fourth Annual Film and Music Festival and cannot wait for the people at the festival to see their movies. has conducted exclusive interviews with some of the festival participants.

One of the featured movies at this year’s festival is by a 9-year-old, Crosby Ruhalter, whose dad won the film festival last year. Crosby’s film is called Domino Tracks. In it, he explores the fascinating patterns made by falling dominos.

Crosby Ruhalter.

Crosby said he made this movie “because my dad won the film festival last year and he thought that I should put my own film in this year.”

Crosby’s film is related to sustainability because “the dominos keep going and it keeps repeating domino falling by domino,” he said.

That’s how Crosby defines sustainability: “Something that keeps on repeating over and over again.”

Crosby did not create this movie by himself; he had help from family members. Crosby’s dad helped him by handling the camera and editing the movie. His twin sister also helped with the filming.

About Crosby: His favorite movie is Jumanji, and he would be interested in working in the movie industry.

Alyse Jefferson, 12, is a regular correspondent for MorristownGreen’s MG Kids. We welcome junior reporters for our staff. We also encourage kids of all ages to submit artwork, poetry and fiction for publication on our site. Click here for more information.

This year’s film festival is part of a daylong Green on the Green held at Pioneer Park at Headquarters Plaza, Morristown, on Saturday, Sept. 17. is partnering with Sustainable Morristown for the event, which will feature local entrepreneurs showcasing the latest green technologies during the day; musical performances throughout the afternoon; and the Fourth Annual Film (&Music!) Festival in the evening. Viewers will vote for Best Picture, and trophies and prizes will be awarded for fans’ favorite videos. We expect a large crowd from Greater Morristown to be joined by visitors to the Gran Fondo NJ, a new bicycling event that should draw thousands to town.




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