MG Kids correspondent reminisces about Morristown art show


MG Kids — kid central at — recently hosted its first art show, featuring works in varied media by preschoolers through high schoolers, at the proposed Morristown EcoCenter on Bank Street.   

Peck School students Maggie, left, and Natalie Janney create art on the EcoCenter windows. Sharon Sheridan photo


Participants hailed from Homeless Solutions, the Interfaith Council for Homeless Families of Morris County, the Lafayette Learning Center, Morristown High School, the Morristown Presbyterian Church, Peck School, Red Oaks SchoolSt. Peter’s Episcopal Church, the Sroka family and the Unity Charter School.     

Today, one of our young artists, and writers, gives his review of the event.    

"Walking Through a Kid's Life" by fifth-grader Carl Hausman. Sharon Sheridan photo


By Carl Hausman, MG Kids Correspondent     

MG Kids Correspondent Carl Hausman shows off his dragon rain stick at the art show. Sharon Sheridan photo


On May 25, I went to an art show. It had some things I had made in it, such as a rain stick with a dragon coiled around it and a picture of a foot walking across a board game titled “Walking Through a Kid’s Life.” We had to make one in art class because my school is doing a musical called “A Kid’s Life.” In the musical, there are various interesting things, such as an extraterrestrial massive electro-magnetic attack in outer space, board game Olympics and some jump-roping.     

At the art show there were many interesting paintings such as “The Old Lady” and “Roots.” There were also photographs and masks made from cardboard, feathers and papier-mache.     

Ethan C. at the Red Oaks School created this mask, called Whisper. He writes, "He protects me by scaring bad animals away." Sharon Sheridan photo


They had weird names as well. For example, there was one to be worn at dances of a creature that flew and tusks that gave off a scent that attracted females. Weird, huh?     

We also got to paint pictures on the window. I did a picture of Gormungor, the Giant Snake, coiled all the way around the world. He has to bite his own tail to keep from falling off. (I accidentally spelled his name with a J on the window.)     

At 6 o’clock, there was a cooking demonstration from Chef Melody. She dealt in organic foods.     

Chef Melody's amazing salad. Sharon Sheridan photo


There was homemade pizza on wheat bread, an absolutely amazing layered salad and quinoa. Quinoa is a sort of grain that is supposed to make you tall when you eat it. At least, that’s what my dad said.     

Carl watches closely as Chef Melody demonstrates "green" cooking for kids. Sharon Sheridan photo


Later, I got some paper and started drawing: the artist in person! I sketched a more detailed picture of Gormungor, a diagram of the solar system and a picture of the Ghoul King and his minions in battle.     

All too soon, it was time to pack up my stuff and leave. But it’s hard to forget that art show.     


Carl's giant snake, circling the world. Sharon Sheridan photo


Carl Hausman is in fifth grade at the Mountain View School in Flanders and attends St. Peter’s Episcopal Church in Morristown, where he often can be spotted drawing pictures.   

Do you like to write? MG Kids welcomes junior reporters for our staff. We also encourage kids of all ages to submit artwork, poetry and fiction for publication on our site. Click here for more information.     

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